Friday, January 20, 2012

Dolled Up Apron

While organizing my loose patterns {once again!}, I ran across this one for a very basic crocheted apron and immediately thought it would make a nice birthday present for my daughter Chelsea who will be 24 in February.

She just got married in October 2011 and, like her mother, always ties an apron around her upon entering the kitchen for anything serious. And this one will not only be cute on her but will look nice just hanging on a hook in the kitchen by her fridge while not in use.

Of course, she is a bit of a "girlie~girl" therefore the pattern called for some tweaking. So I rummaged through my books and found Nicky Epstein's Crocheting on the Edge for some ideas. From page 57 I added the "party ruffle" to the bottom edge and Voila! we have some flounce.... now we're getting somewhere. Then on page 63 I spotted the "peacock ruffle" {had to have this one for the name alone!}. The minute I looked at it I thought "pocket!" I crocheted this ruffle in the same contrasting yellow as the party ruffle and added a few rows of single crochet, turned the whole thing upside down and ~ there you have it! And the cute little ditty dancing across the top was just something my hook did when I wasn't  paying much attention.

The yarn I used for this project was Fantasy Naturale 100% Cotton made by Plymouth Yarns. It's my favorite for making dishcloths, which I do for myself every summer therefore I always keep a good amount of this yarn in my stash. This apron was so quick, fun & easy to make. I really enjoyed seeing where it would take me. When I showed it to my knit night girls they all had such a fit over it I had to run copies of the pattern. It will be interesting to see how they "doll" theirs up!


  1. The apron is so pretty. I'm sure your daughter will love it. I'll show my mom this post to give her an idea for a present for me ;-)

  2. So glad you like it Olga! And good luck with the hint to your Mom! :)

  3. Yay! You got a photo up! I can't wait to finish up some of my other projects so I can make this for *me!* Your blog is so lovely and I am so happy that you are writing again! I'm off to reply to your Ravelry message :)

    1. So happy to see a comment on here from you Miss Malory! And can't wait to see an apron around your cute little self!


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