Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enchanted Night

Around 11p.m. last night as I went to let my three poochies out for the last time before bed, I opened up the back door to a beautiful snow covered scene. So I went up the steps to grab my camera and when I stepped back outside and snapped the pictures I was expecting to see a blanket of white on the tree limbs. However, much to my delight I viewed something that looked more like fairies at work stringing lights through the trees in the dark! I find these pictures quite enchanting. The snowy night was breath taking in its own right for sure but I like imagining that there were wee people skipping round my lawn just before midnight. You think what you will.


  1. These pictures are breathtaking! I especially love the last one.

  2. Thanks Olga! It is of my favorite tree. It's the crabapple that we planted at the side of our house on our oldest daugher, Hilary's, 1st birthday. She will be 27 this August. The house you see in the background is actually my Mother~in~law's, where my hubby grew up. This lovely little tree gets gorgeous pink flowers in the Spring. I hang small wind chimes in it & enjoy the music from my kitchen window.


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