Friday, July 1, 2016

The Month of Roses

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday.
I was born in the month of
my absolute favorite flower.
As I stepped out of my bathroom first thing in the morning,
I was greeted by my sister waiting in the hallway for me.
Bridget loves to be the first one to surprise me on my special day.
Knowing how I love roses they are usually included in my gift from her.
She is a baker and always makes something scrumptious for me as well.
This years lovely treat from her kitchen was this giant
Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll
all alight with pink and yellow sparklers
to show off its magnificent glory.
Like I said before, I love cinnamon rolls and baby sister knows this.
I have another gift coming from her as well but it will be moved into the house
later this afternoon and when it's set up
I will be anxious to show it in another post.
As for the rest of my birthday...
When I stepped out on my front porch yesterday morning,
I found a darling little wrapped gift from my sweet friend Erin
who lives across the street.
You may have heard mention of her a few times as she is one of my
Monday night Knit Night Girls.
Don't you just love that brown paper with the white polka dots?
Then all tied up in that perfect turquoise twine!
She always makes everything look so delightful.
So what was inside...?
The gift of Natural Health and Healing.
An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.
Erin uses a lot of oils in her home and for her family's health.
She is concerned about my health at present.
I have been sick since June 21st.
I've been to the doctor twice in this amount of time.
I spent the first week in bed.
Due to the fact that I have a compromised immune system,
my body does not fight infections like a normal persons.
I have been battling bronchitis, a sinus infection and,
as it turns out, I have a new diagnosis...
Severe Asthma.
I am on two mega dose antibiotics,
along with a probiotic from the health store,
and strong steroids.
Thankfully, the bronchitis seems to be nearly gone
and the sinus infection is much better.
The Asthma, however, is not letting up.
I still have almost no voice and can hardly breathe when I walk across the floor.
I have decided that Asthma is not my friend.
Now, with all that being said, I still had a beautiful birthday.
Scott took me to a nice dinner.
All I had to do was walk in and sit down.
Some struggle involved, especially when I try to eat and breathe at the same time,
but still, we enjoyed our time together immensely as always,
just the two of us.
Every single year he does a special thing for me.
He takes the week of my birthday as a vacation week.
We don't travel. We just spend time together.
Sitting on the porch swing, grocery shopping, walking, talking....
Who could ask for more?
And it's been extremely helpful to have him home taking care of me this week.
I'll leave you with one last picture of me in the restaurant last night.
Sadly we didn't get one of the two of us together.
Keep in mind I'm not up to snuff here....
But I did have a good time.
And I am so thankful for all of the people in my life
who love me and do so many things to show it,
not just on my birthday but every day.
The celebration will be continued with my children
and extended family next weekend when I am feeling better.
My mother's birthday is next week so we will combine party's.
By then I hope to be a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend,


  1. Yay for a diffuser! I use mine every day! Happy birthday, dear one! Prayers for speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you Miss Pom Pom!
      I am loving my diffuser as it mists away with peppermint and lavender, the top two oils for asthma.

  2. Danette, moja przyjaciółko! Z okazji Urodzin życzę Ci dużo zdrowia oraz wiele radości i uśmiechu na każdy dzień!!! Pięknie ten dzień spędziłaś i bardzo ładny prezent dostałaś!!! Miło było Cię zobaczyć:))) Ślę uściski:)))

    1. Thank you Halina, my sweet friend! I send hugs and a big smile back to you! It's always so nice to get a special note from you. It makes me SMILE :-)))

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Danette. I turn 52 today! You look fantastic and if that is how good you look when you are ill you are a very lucky person.

    1. Oh my gosh Meredith... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!
      And That is about the sweetest thing anyone has EVER said to me my friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly.
      Birthday hugs from this Birthday Girl to One Very Special Birthday Girl... YOU,

  4. ooh, happy birthday! what wonderful celebrations, and I'm so glad that you were shown the love that you so clearly give to others in return. You deserve all the special treatment! That cinnamon roll cake, yum! And how sweet that your husband takes time off so you two can spend quiet time together. Amazing.

    1. Thank you so much Dear Julie! What a sweet, sweet thing for you to say to me my friend. You touch my heart more than you know. Thant cinnamon roll cake was more divine than I can even try to describe. My sister outdid herself on that baby, believe me!
      Scott is awesome... for real.
      We've been together since I was 15 and he was 19. I just turned 52.
      We have been best friends for a very long time now :-)
      He's truly my favorite person in the whole big wide world.


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