Sunday, July 24, 2016


Today's world can make it very challenging to keep our main focus where it needs to be. Too often things of the world move to the foreground and matters of the heart become somewhat blurred as we run through the busyness of our days, barely able to catch a breath. No matter who we are, where we live, what we spend our time doing, it happens to all of us at some point. Life just takes hold of us from behind, it would seem, and steers us along before we realize it.
But suddenly there are those things, or moments, that come along and cause us to stop in our tracks. They give us pause and fill our hearts to overflowing again. Like holding a newborn baby in our arms whether it be our own child or our grandchild. Breathing in that sweet smell... So fresh from God... Well, there's nothing that really even compares to it. Suddenly all the fibers of our being are at once more calmed and somehow more fully alive at the same time. Deep down inside we have the comfort of knowing that this moment will be ours for a lifetime. These are the things that soften and shape us. They are our blessings and joys along this pathway of life.
Then there are those times when life throws us an unexpected curve.
Anyone who has either had cancer or been touched by it closely knows what I mean here. One moment we are sailing along, then the next moment ... well... there's a bolder in the road. What I'd like to say is this, we already know all of the bad things that go along with this dreaded illness but what some people may not realize is that, as in all things we struggle with in this world, there are good things that come out of it as well.
Although my husband still has a rash that comes and goes from the massive amount of radiation treatments he received and his energy level is not what it used to be, I stand in awe of all he is and does and can accomplish. Of course, I have to say, I have always felt this way about him really.
But let me insert this here, cancer never leaves anyone unchanged.
Scott has always been gentle natured, tender hearted, soft spoken and is more concerned for others than he is for himself. God put all of those things in his original blueprint. I have watched him, however, in the nearly five years since his battle with pancreatic cancer, and I see all of these things fine tuned to an even greater perfection in him. He laughs more often, hugs his children and grandchildren a little longer and tighter than even before. He cries with abandon when he is moved to do so. He has an endless well of compassion for others. He spends countless hours taking care of everyone in the family, including me. He never complains about anything. I believe he enjoys his family on a deeper level now. I think he pauses more often to soak in the beauty around him.
I'm not saying it's ever easy to go through any hardship that life brings our way. What I am saying is that God really does bring good out of it all though. He reminds us to focus in on what matters most in life. He fine tunes our character and softens our rough edges. Trust me, I got some much needed repair work throughout the whole process as well. One thing I know for sure is that I'd like to be just like my husband when I grow up someday; full of kindness. What else really matters in this world we wander after all, more than our kindness towards each other?
Nothing I can think of.

One last thing I would like to share with you is this hat I just finished knitting.
As I have walked from room to room at the Peoria Cancer Center I've noticed baskets in each room that are full of handmade hats for the patients to help themselves to. I decided that the next time I go with my sister, which will be tomorrow, I wanted to have something to toss in one of those baskets. God has blessed me abundantly and I want to give back in this very small way. So I knitted a hat. I used Knit Picks Organic Cotton thinking it would be a good choice for patients going through treatments because I know oftentimes their skin can be sensitive. This fiber is ultra soft and the cotton was grown organically. This is its natural color, free of dye. There are no chemicals whatsoever on this yarn. I hope my small gift is a blessing to someone special.
It's the very least I can do.

"What is desirable in a man is his kindness..."
John 19:22


  1. Hi Danette! Your husband sounds like a true star!
    The hat you made is precious! Everyone will want one!
    You have a golden heart, friend.

    1. Oh I don't know Pom Pom. I'm a constant work in progress on this journey of life...
      Scott however ... Pure Gold :-)
      I plan to keep making hats to take to the Cancer Center. A nurse told me the need is constant. Well ... I know how to help with that ...

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Twenty five years ago at the age of 19 I had uterine cancer. Now my dad is battling stomach cancer. Yes there is a silver lining to everything. It makes you aware and more appreciative of so many things. Knitting the hat was a lovely gesture. I know we all want to help in any way on any level. Hugs
    xx Beca

    1. Oh my Beca! What a thing for a 19 year old to go through! God is so good... look at you now with your beautiful family!
      I continue to pray daily for your Dad and whole family.
      Hugs back to you.

  3. Such a wonderful reflection, and that hat is beautiful, and made with such care and love... I can't help but believe that whomever picks that hat will be very blessed indeed.

    1. Oh Julie... that is my prayer. Thank you for getting to the real heart of the matter. Bless you my sweet, sweet friend.


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