Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Little Men

Little Boys, Little Boys....
What would life be like without them?!
Growing up, I waited what seemed to me a very long time
to be a big sister.
Then, finally, at the age of 9 1/2,
the most wonderful thing in the world happened.
My mother gave birth to a live baby doll for me.
A big bouncing happy baby girl.
My friends and I fought over who held her next and when she was old enough
I pushed her all over our neighborhood her first summertime
in her brand new stroller.
I didn't know it then but I was in training to be a mommy.
Then at the age of 19 I got married.
When I was 21 and again 23 God blessed me with my own
beautiful sweet baby girls.
When I became a Grammy for the first time at age 42 it was to a Girl.
My life has been filled with Girls and lots and lots of
Girlie things.
And then...
Along came these Little Men.
So different from little girls.
Inquisitive in more mechanical ways.
I watch them and marvel.
Archer, who won't be two until September, will grab a toy drill and plant
it smack into the plastic screw, hit the power button and drive that
screw home one handed while his other hand is busy doing
something else.
Busy; they are always busy.
The two of them together are a pure joy to watch.
Constant motion.

I love their little hands and how expressive they are with their entire being.

The constant scraped up knees capture my heart.
They speak of another day full of adventures.
Yet they can also be so focused on the tiniest thing.
It occurs to me as I watch them, immerse myself in them really,
that the secret still lies within them.
Being still so fresh from God,
in the purity of their young and tender souls,
they know how to live fully in each and every moment.
That is a thing of such beauty and wonder to me.
I love these moments of stillness in them
when they have no knowledge of being watched.
Something about them in their little shorts
fills my heart to overflowing.
It's just such a daily blessing to have the two of them,
one from each daughter,
so close together in age,
and thankfully proximity.
I see the future when I look at these
Little Men
and know that they will help to make the world a better place one day.
For this,
I am truly thankful.


  1. Danette, your little men are really adorable! I can just imagine how much fun you have with them. We have all girls, including the grands, in our family, but we've had a blast with them. I love helping to teach them all about good homemaking.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much Toni! We have a blast with them.
      I know what you mean about little girls. Gabby and I are two peas in a pod. Have been from the day she was born. I can hardly believe she's nine now. I'm like you, I love to teach her as much about homemaking as possible. It takes me back to the years her mommy was growing up. She was always interested in domestic things too.
      You have a great week as well,

  2. They are adorable Danette. I had three boys and two girls and I'm blessed with 13 grandbabies ranging from 1- 22. And a new one on the way but we dont know yet boy or girl... I enjoy them all.. With love Janice

    1. Oh my goodness Janice! I had no idea you had so many children and grandchildren! God has blessed you richly my friend :-)
      And a new one on the way!!! I can't wait to meet that little one on your blog {hopefully}...
      I think we will both enjoy our children and our children's children for a long, long time :-)

  3. They are the absolute cutest! Grandies are the best thing in the world besides our own kids. Our two little men melt our heart every time we see them and talk with them on the phone. We are blessed dear friend.

    1. They really are amazing, aren't they Kar?!
      There is something about them that truly does melt the heart.
      I just have to touch them all the time...
      We are blessed indeed.
      Hugs right back to you,

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Pom Pom!
      You have such a beautiful array of grandchildren yourself... like a constant rainbow around you :-)

  5. They are so beautiful, what little treasures! I love these photos, you have really captured the wonder of their ages. I'm so impressed and inspired by your reflections on them, it reminds me to not rush when I'm spending time with my little ones.

    1. Thank you so much Julie! They are my treasures for sure. There is a wonder about each age, isn't there? I love it all but especially while they still have some baby chub and cute things they don't say just right. As a Grammy, the rush is all taken away. It's a whole new season than Mommy season was. Now I know why my Mom and Mother in law used to dote on my kids and remind me to slow down...

  6. Boys are busy! Mine were and now I have a five year old that gets me hopping.
    Hugs to you,

    1. I thought of you while writing this post with all your boys and now doing it all over again. You amaze me!!!
      Hugs to you my friend,

  7. Ale u Ciebie wesoło... Super!!!

    1. Yay Indeed My Friend!!! Aren't these Grandkids the Best Halina?! :-)


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