Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dance of a Swan

Feathers float over her ballerina bun.
Artistic makeup adorns her fresh, pure face.
Her young dancers body is transformed into a fairy swan
with all its white flounce and silver sparkle.
She sits to slip ballet shoes in place.
All that's left to do is wait...
Act 2
Dance 2
By A Lake, Ballet
 from Swan Lake
Music by Tchaikovsky
Peoria Ballet Company Academy Performance

We sit enraptured through the magical show.
Every dance and each graceful movement on the stage
sweeping us along.
Then, finally...
There She is...
Our Beautiful Swan.
So many emotions.
So few words to describe them.
We have been watching the dance of this swan since she was three.
She loves ballet like she was born knowing it somehow.
I think maybe God sprinkled some fairy dust in the blueprint of her soul.

"Passion is universal humanity.
Without it religion, history, romance and art
would be useless."
Honore' De Balzac


  1. She is so pretty, Danette! What a beautiful Swan she makes and what a joy it would be to watch her dance. A very moving experience for you! Thank you for sharing and I love the quote by De Balzac. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you so much Sandi! She is our pride and joy, for sure!
      To watch her grow and develop in life and in her dance leaves me speechless at times. God sure knew what He was doing when He created grandchildren. I wish you the same... a very lovely weekend.

  2. oh, so beautiful!! I bet she's a wonderful dancer. and what a glamorous costume... my daughter's recital costumes look like something out of toddlers and tiaras, ugh.

    1. Thank you Julie! This is her first year with Peoria Ballet. They are a professional Ballet Company. They have teachers who have been professional ballerinas. She had to go through try outs to be accepted. They do the Nutcracker at Christmastime every year. The recital and all of the costumes were amazing.

  3. She has grown so much! What a wonderful time you had watching her. Lovely. : )

    1. Can you believe this is my little curly headed Gabby, Kar?!!
      They grow too fast! Thank you!

  4. Aw! I love ballerinas! Have you read the shoe books? I keep them beside my little toe shoes.

  5. Danette, śliczny i zdolny Łabędź z twojej wnuczki!!!Pewnie jesteś szczęśliwa:))) Pozdrawiam serdecznie i udanego weekendu życzę

    1. Thank you Halina! We ARE happy. I cordially greet you too and wish you a beautiful weekend in your corner of this big world.

  6. Sweet moments for you Danette. She makes a beautiful ballerina.
    xx Beca


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