Monday, May 2, 2016

# Love This

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite haunts.
This morning I made a trip over with my daughter Chelsea and my grandson Parker.
Of course I headed for the stamping aisle.
It's like a treasure trove of its very own to me.
I found these darling little tags that I plan to use for pricing
at my next Craft Fair.
The prices will be written underneath the stamped
{which I do just love}.

Parker felt the need to wear my jacket while we were there.
He was delighted with the length of the sleeves
but was certain the button holes were areas that were

Both of my grandsons were at my house
for awhile early this morning.

Archer & Parker

They are so cute when they're together.
It's a good start to my day.

"I love music of all kinds,
but there's no greater music
than the sound of my grandchildren laughing;
my kids, too."
Sylvia Earle


  1. Hi Danette,
    Your grandchildren are adorable.
    I see you have your own website and you are growing your business. That's awesome! Congratulations, and I wish you best of luck!

    1. Thank you Olga! I enjoy my grandkids so much! I'm working on the business end of things :-)

  2. Parker looks so adorable in your coat Danette:) Blessing to your grandchildren:)
    Craft fair? Nice. When and where? All the best dear friend.

    1. Thank you Arti! These grandchildren give me so much daily joy!
      The main Craft Fair I do is not until September. But I spend all year getting ready. It is here in my hometown. Walking distance {2 minutes} from my home. I live in the Pumpkin Capital of the World so it is The Pumpkin Festival. This year will be a big Celebration as it is the 50th year. I also have a Christmas Open House Sale in my home every December with a couple of other ladies. There's another fair in October we do some years too.
      all the best to YOU dear friend :-)

  3. Hobby Lobby is my local haunt, too. It's just a dreamy place with all the yarn, paints, needles, fabric, oh my. And who can beat those HL coupons?
    Love those boys, they're so adorably cute.

    1. I know!!! The goods...the coupon...the sales... :-)
      Thanks - I LOVE these boys too!

  4. They are adorable Danette, you must have so much fun with them.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you Meredith. I really do! They are so darn cute and fun! Such a great age right now. The world is a beautiful, new place through their eyes. I love that about children this age.
      Happy Day to YOU Friend,


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