Saturday, May 21, 2016

Follow My Blog with Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Apparently in order for my blog to show up in
so that those who wish to follow me there can do so,
I have to first "claim it" here.
This is my blog post to do just that.

Mercedes and I are putting the finishing touches on some
Organic Cotton Bobbles
this weekend.
I will show you what it grows into real soon.
May your weekend be filled with
sweet family and friends,
sunshine and laughter,
maybe some handwork
a good cup of tea.


  1. I never see any if your post. Happy Sunday with love Janice

    1. You don't see any of my posts anymore? I wonder why? I just recently purchased my domain so my URL is now
      It changed things when I did that. I no longer have the "Follow This Site" thing on my blog, which I'm not happy about! But it is not compatible with my new URL. That's why people have to follow me by email or on Bloglovin.

    2. Danette, ja widzę Twoje posty:)Masz ładnego futrzanego przyjaciela:))) Wspaniałego tygodnia życzę

    3. Oh GOOD! I know a few things went wonky when I purchased my domain and I am disappointed that I no longer have the follow this site aspect but other than that I am very happy with the changes I've made. I love my kitty! She will be 15 years old in just a few days.
      Super week to you my friend!

  2. I love bloglovin! But I follow so many blogs that it's been a very long time since i was totally caught up on them all in my list. Glad to 'find' you there!

    1. Thanks Julie! Thank you for following me there too! Since I purchased my domain for my blog I don't have the "Join this Site" compatibility anymore so I need ways to people to follow me. Plus I love it that Bloglovin directs me to similar blogs!


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