Tuesday, May 24, 2016

85 1/2 Days ...

Gabriella on her last day of school

Do you remember those magical Summer Days of your childhood?
I certainly do.
Days filled with sunshine and heat,
running through sprinklers with friends to cool off.
Riding bikes, playing hopscotch, swimming, swinging,
chasing fireflies until we were forced to go in,
sleeping at first one house then the next;
trying to stay up all night with each other.
The most wonderful thing was the pure freedom of it all and the feeling
that it just might never end.
I grew up in a neighborhood that was absolutely overflowing with kids.
They were everywhere and of all ages.
We ran around all summer long in packs.
It was glorious.
All of the moms were friends and kept an eye on each others children.
We darted all over with total abandonment.
Free and wild.
Sun up to sun down.
We took breaks only when we were called into to eat and usually we did that
back and forth at each others houses,
depending on whose mother was fixing what we liked best each day.
If one of us couldn't be found,
the phone network would start up between the mom's.
That was back in the good old days when the only phone we had
was attached to the kitchen wall
with a cord that forced you to stand or sit right up close to it.
If it was suppertime and my dad was already home,
he would just open up the side kitchen window and let out a loud whistle.
One of the neighborhood kids would holler out,
"Danette! I think it's time for YOU to go home."
The memory of those days of laughing and playing in the sunshine
still brings me joy.
I had a beautiful childhood.

Now I'm enjoying the delightful summers of my grandchildren.
I get to be a part of their grown up memories some day.
My grandparents were a huge part of my world well into my adult life.
Archer's first dandelion forage

As the weather warms up I look forward to another summer.
One filled with new possibilities.
Days of picking dandelions, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk
and sitting on the porch swing
with my grandchildren.
Parkers first sidewalk chalk artwork

When I picked Gabby up on her last day of school she was so excited.
She said,
"You know Grammy,
They say there's 85 days of Summer,
but we only had a half day today,
so really I think there's 85 1/2 days,
don't you?"

I think we'll go with that.


  1. How adorable! I love your description of summer! I want to think of summer exactly that way!
    I'm looking forward to free as a breeze granny time, too! LOTS of ice cream and LOTS of pool time! Love love love!

    1. Oh how sweet of you Pom Pom! Summer is my favorite time of the year and those childhood summers live on inside me. Having little ones around again makes it so much better for us, doesn't it?!

  2. Mr. Lee always reminds me, we only have 18 summers with our kids. My summers on the most beautiful Pacific coast were much like yours. Riding bikes, playing board games,and being free. Living at the library. Judy Blume is still a favorite. Spitting watermelon seeds into the street. Walking in the dry creek bed to the ocean picking and eating blackberries. Stop at Snowhite for a soft cone. We still have a few weeks of school...but soon Dear Heart.

    1. I wondered if your kids were out of school yet.
      I love it that Mr. Lee gives you that reminder. Such a magical place for a lifetime of summers. First for you and now to raise your own beautiful family in that sunny place I dream of.
      So much love to you My Dearest One...

  3. such idyllic summers! And Gabby is right to want to make note of each an every day of summer, even the half days. It's short, but glorious.

    1. She sure is. I love to see every drop of life through the eyes of a child. It all seems like magic again.

  4. My childhood was much like yours. I think these days kids don't have the freedom we did which makes me sad. I love the thought of adding the 1/2 day to vacation, why not!

    1. You are so right Meredith. Scott and I were talking about that a few days ago. The world is a different place now. We ran free and wild but you can't let today's children do that as easily. It is sad.
      Every ounce of time, right down to the 1/2 day matters!


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