Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whitewashed Workbasket

Over the years I have collected, accumulated and acquired so many beautiful baskets and bags. I've done the Longaberger thing, the Vera Bradley thing {both to great excess!} and the anything that catches my fancy thing. Lately most of my finds are from thrift shops ~ let's face it, I'm tapped out!
Anyway~ of all my pretty little finds this whitewashed Longaberger sewing basket with it's removable lid and gorgeous wildflower liner is my absolute favorite workbasket! It spends its days sitting next to my chair in the front room holding my small current projects. The date on the bottom of the basket is 2002. Longaberger only did these lovely whitewashed items for a limited time. I'm so happy I purchased this one :) 

Until yesterday afternoon my current work in progress had been a sweet little pink baby sweater. Actually the pattern refers to it as a "matinee jacket". How cute is that? I finally finished it though and off it goes soon to Miss Amelia Grace in Kentucky, born to Maria, daughter of one of my best friends. This is her first grandbaby and she is one Happy Grammy!
And of course I had to put my favorite heart buttons on for the Little Sweetheart!
So~ Do YOU have a Favorite Workbasket and if so, What's in it?


  1. What a cute sweater Danette. And the buttons are perfect on it! It will be a treasured gift for sure. :)

    1. Thanks Kar! I hope they enjoy it :)

  2. I love the sweater Danette. I also have a longaberger basket as my favorite basket. I actually got this one at a thrift shop it is very old and convinced her to let me have it for 15 dollars. You know what they go for!

    1. Thanks Neicee! OOh! Good for you Girl! Show us a picture of your favorite basket. I'd love to see it. A good friend of mine sold them for years and she was very generous at Christmas and birthday time always :)

  3. You finished it. Awsome....Pretty pink sweater Danette. Great pattern and the heart buttons are the perfect finishing touch. Beautiful work!
    Basket? I have an adorable purse style basket that was a gift from my daughter.
    She picked it up when she was vacationing in Greece and it is the perfect size for me.

    1. Thanks Karen!
      Ooh....let's see a picture of this unique sounding purse style basket! What a lovely gift. And all the way from Greece. A real treasure indeed :)

  4. Danette,
    Ok, you asked for it, I've posted a pic of my knitting basket over at Knitalatte.

  5. Oh GREAT! I am on my way!!! :)))


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