Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Falling Leaf

Today's dishcloth is knit to look like a leaf. I chose this variegated yarn because I really love the combination of cream, yellow, purples and greens. I thought it might even make it seem like an Autumn leaf. Guess I should have used something with hues of orange and brown instead. Oh well! Live and learn! {I like PURPLE better! Ha!}

This cloth is one of the smaller of the set. Hilary has rather narrow, delicate hands with long fingers   so it should fit quite nicley.  I do think I will make some leaves up in solid shades of green eventually so the veining shows off a bit better. It seems to have gotten lost a little in the rambling colors here. When I found this pattern online it came as a set of three different leaves. I have yet to make the other two. I liked this one because the tip of  the leaf curves so prettily. It makes me think of a falling leaf.

When I took this picture it was right side up. It shows as being right side up when I pop the memory card into the computer. But then when it comes up here for some reason it wants to be sideways {even after I have tried repeatedly to turn it with the little arrow thingies!} Oh well! Guess it really is a falling leaf!

Today's Happy Thought ~ "The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed. "
Sebastien-Roch Chamfort


  1. ...and a beautiful falling leaf it is! I love it! :)

    1. Ahhh .... Sweet Sarah! I can always count on you to see the good in things right away. Even if you have to tilt your head to do it!
      Thanks Girlie :)

  2. Love the dishcloth and LOVE the Longaberger Pottery! I have a set in green! Thats my favorite mixing bowl

  3. Thanks Neicee!
    Gotta love the Longaberger. I have tons of it. Had it for years now. The stuff lasts forever!


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