Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Magic of Purple

Colors have the distinct power to awaken a full range of emotions within us.
They bind our memories to times, places and people we hold forever dear.
Our soul connects colors with the fragrance of our favorite flowers.
 Just the sight or smell of lilacs, floating on a gentle breeze, 
and we are instantly carried back to a carefree day, 
spent in the golden sunshine of early Spring, 
 with the one our heart adores.

Since the beginning of time, purple has been the queen of colors. 
There was an era when young lovers presented gifts of light purple flowers 
 to the object of their affection as a token of the joyous beginning of new love.
Lilacs, in particular, were a symbol of the first budding emotion of romance. 
Is it any wonder we feel the allure of Spring as it embraces us each year?
Our senses sparkle with life once again as we are captivated
by nature's divine shades of purple, declaring that love is in the air. 
If you are planning a Spring or Summer wedding, 
let purple reign supreme, as your heart
 is enchanted by the splendor of its luxurious hues.
For the most beautiful Purple Bridesmaid Dresses,
in shades and styles to flatter all 
of the special ladies in your wedding party, 
shop the gorgeous selection at Ever-Pretty.
Your bridesmaids will flow down the aisle in classic elegance with the soft swish
 of chiffon in individual tones of purple to enhance their lovely complexions.
 Or for an absolute dreamy effect, you might choose soft shades of
 grey or pink for the most magical day of your life.

You'll enter the world of fairy tales
 when you grace your bridesmaids 
in gowns of various pastel colors like this one,
 boasting a delicately ruched sweetheart neckline
 with a divine corset lace-up back.

The beauty of a Spring wedding, that's done in an array of different pastel colors, can be breathtaking. Choose the bridesmaid dress your heart is longing for and adorn each bridesmaid in her own color for a purely feminine aesthetic.
 Ever-Pretty makes it so easy and extremely affordable!

The deep rich, jewel tones of plum or aubergine
 are luxuriously suited to a formal 
Spring or Summertime wedding.
Dark purple is said to have a sacred meaning
 from days of old, due to its rarity in nature.
It's thought to be precious, noble
 and the color that depicts deep devotion.
Summer afternoon weddings call for
 the loose flounce of a short bridesmaid dress
in vivid violet with shiny, strappy silver shoes.
Violet purple, the color for faithful, undying affection.

Or the timeless soft, sweetness of delicate pink.
Light pink, the symbol of tenderness, kindness, and comfort, 
as well as the longstanding color of total femininity.
Crown them with flowers and wrap them
 in the simple elegance of periwinkle blue satin.
Nothing is more classic than satin in clean lines,
while periwinkle gives us feelings of serenity and calmness.
For an outdoor Summer garden wedding,
 pair lovely shades of lavender with soft, buttery yellow.
Lavender was the ancient flower and color for holy matrimony.
Yellow brings us happiness, joy, and loyalty.
Always consider using white dresses to either mix and match with other colors
or make a statement of stunning sophistication all on their own.
They are gorgeous for daytime or evening weddings.
By day they are cool and crisp, adding an extremely stylish air to your wedding.
 For an evening wedding, imagine the purity of white in a candlelit church.
Or a night of exchanging vows beneath the twinkling stars.
 The beauty of all white will add an ethereal essence,
 as your wedding party dances under the gentle glow of the moon. 
If you're planning a destination wedding,
the variety of choices in style,
as well as color, is absolutely fabulous.
Whether you choose purple as your main color,
or decide to blend it with the many options
 that complement it so beautifully,
 you are sure to find the perfect dress 
 for everyone in your wedding party.
Finally, you stand on the shore of your new horizon.
This is the day you have waited for all of your life.
It needs to be as magical as you've always known it would be.
Let Ever-Pretty help you make all of your wedding dreams come true.

"All the other colors are just colors,
but purple seems to have a soul -
when you look at it, 
it's looking back at you."
~ Uniek Swain

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All sentiments and selections are my own.*

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