Monday, March 4, 2019

Let Us Dance

March is the time of in between. That time that cannot make up its mind.
In early Roman days it was the first month of the year. 
January and February had no place as of yet,
 making it a ten month calendar year. 
The new year began on March 1st 
and in many cultures and religions
is still celebrated as such to this day.
Why was this the case for the long ago Roman civilization? 
Because the hardships of winter were finally over, 
meaning they could return to the battlefields of war.
Today, March is the month that blesses us, once again, 
with the glories of an all encompassing,
 long anticipated Spring.
In the great order of the universe,
it perpetually brings back the fresh renewal of life.
For me there's always a return to bunny knits 
like the organic cotton baby hats
that I enjoy creating for little ones over and over. 
I don't know what it is,
 but there's something about seeing bunny ears 
on top of a child or infant sized head
 that just captures my heart and puts a smile on my face.
The joy of the process is in the finishing details
 of choosing the color for each crocheted rose,
whether to use a creamy glass pearl in the center
or a sparkly iridescent Swarovski crystal 
 and what type of ribbon to tie around the ears.
This particular March is bringing me back around to something else.
Something that was deep inside me long before I ever touched that first 
strand of yarn or took up my first set of knitting needles or crochet hook.
It has been embedded into the fiber of my being from the very beginning
and has always coexisted with all else I've done in life,
whether I chose to ignore it or give it voice...
My abiding love for the written word.
Reading it, yes, but what I mean here is writing it.
So in February I made a decision to nurture this part of myself again.
Now that March has arrived, bearing its promise of rebirth,
I am finding myself settling into the tempo of taking
 online courses with a goal of honing my writing skills
and eventually having some works published
 in the forms of poetry and freelance writing.
I spend my days in a merry dance of knitting, reading and writing.
This is an easy fit for me, as these are my favorite things to do already.
But it's been a lot of years since I had to do the reading and writing
part as assignments that will be graded by an instructor or professor.
Also, over the last few years, 
the knitting has worked itself into a full time job.
Therefore, getting all of these things accomplished, 
as well as living a packed full life in general,
is like watching my graceful granddaughter
as she performs a beautiful ballet.
It all has to flow in rhythmic step together.
I am currently taking three classes and am learning
once again the importance and value of time management.
It's all a bit challenging but I find myself loving every single moment.
I feel like I am in the early Springtime of my personal journey.
There is a road of adventure and growth in every step.
Words chase each other around and around inside my head
all day and night until I grab hold of them and work them into 
the order they are begging for.
Knitting, reading, writing...
Knitting, reading, writing...
This is the dance I am doing these days.
The song of my here and now soul...
The dance of my once and future heart.
"Let us read,
and let us dance;
these two amusements will never 
do any harm to the world."
~ Voltaire


  1. Love this!! So happy for you I can see you pulling words from the universe and arranging them on a page to form an apptly applied word. I love words too! Hope you still have time for tea😘

    1. Thank you my lifelong Encourager!!!
      You and Me... Birds of a Feather :-)
      I will ALWAYS have time for tea {and heart to hearts} with you!
      Love you so much,

  2. That's wonderful you are taking some courses, I love doing things to stretch my writing muscles too! Those hats are perfect, I love all the wonderful spring details.

    1. Well I decided it was finally time to put some serious effort into my writing again Julie. I've put some dreams on a shelf for far too long and suddenly the time is NOW. I know that your writer's heart knows all about it.
      And thanks, I love making all things BUNNY!

  3. Very nice article Danette! I love the paper rose!

    1. Thank you my Sweet Kathy! That beautiful paper rose was handmade by the daughter of one of the other librarians who works with Hilary. I just love it!


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