Thursday, October 4, 2018

Joy-FULL Living

As hot Summer days gradually slip into soft and gentle early Autumn,
I am soothed to my very core.
And yet I find myself to be oddly exhilarated at the same time; inspired even.
This is a good thing.
A very good thing.
My business is growing more all the time
and I am working on tweaking things
like ordering new business cards
for a fresh new look and updating my websites,
including my business facebook page.
For those of you who are on Facebook and are interested
in following me there you can click on the link
and keep up with what I'm doing on a regular basis.
You might even see me make a fool of myself on live video from time to time...
As you can gather, our September Sale was enormously successful,
not to mention so doggone much FUN!
I knitted ever so many Pumpkins in a bazillion different colors...
And yet I am still knitting more and more of the little beauties for custom orders
because they were all snapped up during our sale.
This is, after all, THE Pumpkin Capital of the World. And we LOVE our Pumpkins!!!
From time to time over the years I have been asked if I ship internationally.
The answer is YES! Absolutely!
This lovely little trio left our Morton Post Office yesterday to head across
the big ocean to their new home in London, England
where I hope they will be very happy indeed. 
{More importantly, I hope they will make the sweet young woman
who ordered them extremely happy!}.

I cannot even express the honest to goodness pure JOY that is brought into my daily life by the entire process of every aspect of this business. It just keeps rolling on from year to year. I love choosing the fibers, which I am extremely particular about. I love pouring over patterns then modifying them as needed to make them fit the needs of individual customers or my strict standards. For example, it has taken me several years to perfect these Pumpkins. I use the exact same wool, a certain type of poly fill and my own secret technique. Plus each one weighs the same in order to ensure premium product quality.
I want my customers to have only the very best.
If my name is on it, then it better be top quality. 
My policy has always been that unless the customer is 110% HAPPY,
I remake or refund.
This brings me to the real JOY-FULL part of what I do.
I am first and foremost a people person.
Those of you who know me personally, know this.
However, I deal with so many people around the globe
who I will never meet face to face.
I want all of you to realize that
if you place an order or make a purchase with me,
I work hard at going back and forth online with you until we get it exactly right.
I track packages once they ship and I follow up with customers to make sure they are happy with their goods when they receive them.
They may be small things like pumpkins or fingerless mitts,
or larger garments such as 
shawls or baby clothing that I've made to specific measurements.
I need to be sure they fit properly.
It is all very important to me because YOU as an individual
are very important to me.
Whether you live locally and I know you personally,
 we have just recently connected through one of my events 
or I work with you through one of my websites 
You bring great joy into my life.
You cause me to continue to grow and stretch as an individual.
My days are filled with creative purpose as I work full time from home 
to continue to supply as many lovely knitted garments and items
my hands and needles can possibly create in a year's time. 
For all of this, I thank each and every one of you.
I am excited about the many new avenues we will travel together
as my business continues to grow and expand.
I look forward to placing small treasures in your hands that make you smile 
or ...
Wrapping you in cozy things that make you feel warm, happy, beautiful and loved.
For me this is Joy-FULL living.
It's my adventure.

"Wonderful adventures await for those who dare to find them."
Hazel Gaynor, The Girl from the Savoy


  1. How wonderful that your business is doing so well. No wonder your little pumpkins are being snapped up, they are so cute and beautifully finished off xx

    1. Thank you Sweet Cheryl💗
      I really love making these pumpkins ... like little Cinderella carriages waiting to happen ✨
      I’m a “live in the moment” person through and through, which gets complicated in this business because I have SO MUCH Christmas knitting to do.... and custom orders into January already 😁
      It’s a GOOD problem to have 🙌🏻
      Be happy My Friend,

  2. YOU are the very best kind of maker, so true and good.

    1. Oh Miss Pom Pom...
      YOU are the very best kind of person, so dear and kind💖

  3. I'm not at all surprised your business is doing so well- you bring such love and attention to detail to your knits, and these pumpkins are like little jewels of your goodness going out into the world! Love them so much.


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