Monday, September 3, 2018

Butterfly Days

I love this time of year when every day gradually slips into a new season.
One of the things I love best is that each day
holds its own beauty and element of surprise,
as the weather is all over the place.
 Late Summer and Early Autumn are dancing with one another ...
Hot, humid days followed by thick muggy nights...
Then suddenly a cool fresh morning of blue skies and fluffy white clouds I could float away on...
Some days Summer wants to leave her cares behind and
let Autumn reign and other days she stands her ground...
Then a storm wraps itself around us.
I love it all.
Only God could create such glorious wonders.
I have come to think of these days as butterfly days.
Never in the whole of my life have I ever seen so many butterflies.
From early Summer my yard has been so filled with these lovely creatures
that they've flown into me, landed on me,
lighted next to me as I've sat knitting on the porch swing
and fed from my hummingbird feeders.
While I know it has to do with their migratory habits towards Mexico,
it seems so ethereal and even magical to me.
Like tiny particles of Heaven coming down and flitting all around me.
They bring me peace and make me pause and cause me to remember
to breathe and give thanks during these hectic days of my life.
Days filled to the brim with the blessing of family and overflowing
with the ever constant work of my hands... knitting and crocheting...
This photo depicts both family and my work.
My daughter Chelsea is modeling my Happy Vibes Crocheted Shawl.
We just happened to catch that exact perfect moment
when the sun was beginning to descend westward,
slipping towards its restful time of gloaming. 
All of the elements lined up perfectly...
The softly setting sun, 
the dogwood tree that's donning her Fall foliage,
the spider web shawl with colors that entwine the seasons together
and Chelsea....
My Autumn hued beauty.
Each day finds me switching over from needles to hooks repeatedly as
I knit awhile then finish up bits of crochet.
It takes nonstop work to prepare for an upcoming event.
First I'm making shawls, then I'm covered in stuffing and surrounded by various colors of pumpkins.
Turquoise is a new addition to my line of pumpkin colors this year. 
I've been told that it symbolizes allergy safe candy and
items for children with allergen issues.
It's also the color for Ovarian Cancer and September
is the month for this dreadful disease.
I stand in support of both.
Being a lover of all soft colors, 
I always make a variety of choices to accompany
the traditional orange pumpkins.
The Soft White and Green have always been my personal favorite.
I also really love the almost black one pictured here.
The unique thing about this one is that it's made from
undyed and unprocessed virgin wool.
That's the exact color of the sheep it came from.
There are tiny specks of white throughout.
I love the raw, natural look and feel of it.
Then, of course, because Fingerless Mitts are always my cup of happy,
some of these will make an appearance at our September Sale as well.
Some have knitted cables and bobbles with tiny embroidered rosebuds.
While others have pretty meandering lacework eyelets.
Every year as Summer begins to recognize her eminent defeat,
allowing Autumn's crisp and cooling breath to blow over us,
I feel my heart being tugged to provide warmth to cold hands.
I delight in introducing a new pattern or two of mitts every year.
For some reason, they give me great joy and deep satisfaction with each stitch.
Something about knitting mitts is uniquely different for me
than any other thing I ever make.
Maybe it's because our hands are such a vital part of who we are.
They carry our whole essence.
We love with them,
We feed with them,
We talk with them,
We heal with them,
We give with them,
We receive with them,
We show the world who we are with our hands.
We can't speak of love without the mention of babies.
These Pumpkin Hats are another make of mine
that hold a special place in my heart.
They combine both of my fiber art passions with a knitted "pumpkin" 
and crocheted pumpkin leaf and vine.
The one pictured here is Newborn {0-3 month} Size. 
However I'll have a full range of sizes available as shown below.
For those who are unable to purchase something you want
from the Sale due to my being
SOLD OUT before you arrive, or your inability to be there, NO WORRIES.
I will be taking custom orders after the Sale.
Also, as much as I knit, knit, KNIT...
I am still just one person with just two hands and a whole lot of happy,
active life going on in abundance around me.
Although I am a fast knitter, and a constant one, it's not an instant job.
All that being said, 
I will have as much as possible with me at our September Sale
and then you can contact me afterwards if you want something specific.
I can always make it happen.
I got up one day last week and realized I had probably worked too late
into the night before when I took a good look at this photo...
At exactly midnight the previous night,
I attached the stem to this pumpkin
then set down my work and called it a night. 
The next day I posted this photo to my Instagram and Facebook pages.
Later in the day, when responding to a comment, 
I noticed I had attached the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin!
Of course I had to remove it and reattach it to the top.
Though my days are filled with butterflies,
my nights are full of pumpkins...
And apparently at the stroke of midnight
they do their own thing.
Or maybe Cinderella just needs a bit of sleep...
Especially if she wants to dance with the butterflies.

"Take time to be a butterfly."
Gillian Duce
Magic and Mayhem - The Winning Game

"When nature moves, butterflies take flight."
Anthony T. Hincks


  1. Lots of loveliness there, I’m quite enamoured with your beautiful shawl and love those cabled hand mits and your mug... cup of happy xx

    1. Thank You Cheryl!
      I’m so glad you let me know you were here 💗
      And we all need a Cup of Happy, don’t we?

  2. So many wonderful goodies for the show! I love those pumpkins, they are perfection. And how pretty is that bright crocheted shawl?!

    1. Thank You My Sweet Sweet Julie 😘
      I’m still knitting and knitting and knitting.......

  3. So many beautiful things to see on your post Danette, wishing you a wonderful sale.

    1. Thank You and Thank You My Dear, Sweet Meredith...
      Kiss, Kiss...


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