Saturday, April 15, 2017

With the Coming of Spring

I enjoy the gradual shift my knitting takes into softer work as Winter dies away once again and Springtime comes gently into bloom around us. While the air outside becomes warmer, the fiber I work with is lighter to keep pace. I love this time of year because it brings back to us bright blue skies streaked with white puffy clouds that float around on breezy days and all the earth returns to green with colorful flowers and trees full of white or pink blossoms.
One of my favorite things to do is walk around town
underneath the canopy of these trees as they sway back and forth,
sprinkling the sidewalks and lawns with a profusion of petals.
I wait for these moments
  and see them in my dreams all through the cold barren months.
When Spring finally appears, I rejoice in the fact I can gather my knitting and cup of tea and sit on my porch swing again to revel in this glorious time of rebirth.
It's funny how every single Spring is so fresh that it feels like it must be the very first Springtime ever.  I'm as happy as the birds singing in the trees and all the little creatures running merrily around the yards,
as I emerge from another long Winter of hibernation.
 I have always known this about myself:
when the days get warmer I feel more alive.
 I am also at my calmest with my knitting close by.
 During the Springtime my knitting needles are usually busy at work
on bunnies of some fashion.
These are a couple of Floppy Eared Bunny Hats
I recently made for a custom order using the same
Knit Picks Organic Cotton I used to make the Bunny Hat with the stand up ears.
The hats are worked in the round on circular needles but the moss stitch ears are done flat on straight needles. I love these needles! They are from Knit Picks also. They're the 10" Straight Sunstruck.
I love the whole Organic/Vintage vibe they have going on.
And as I've said before,
I can't get enough of the Organic Cotton,
especially this time of year.
I never get tired of working with it and it makes perfect baby items.
It's absolutely beautiful as it glides along those blonde knitting needles.
 There's just something about having a whole stack of soft cottony goodness
all piled up together straight off the needles too...
I always like to let it rest for a bit so I can stand back and admire
the entire heap before I construct it into the final project.
But then it's time to sew it all up and ship it off
because there's a customer waiting and more things to be made.
Sometimes more bunnies around the corner.
Miss Bunny was actually already on my Shop but I had a customer contact me last weekend and ask if I would change her eye color to match her nursery.
Her eyes were green before.
I said, "Yes, of course, I would be happy to do that for you!"
So I did and Miss Bunny found herself a new home early this week.

I pray this Easter weekend finds you all happy and healthy,
enjoying your loved ones and Praising God
for the many blessings of another new Spring
and the glorious work of our
Risen Savior.
"With the coming of Spring,
I am calm again."
Gustav Mahler


  1. Your cotton knits are stunning, AND soft and lovely, too!
    Yay for spring! Happy knitting and happy Easter!

    1. Thank you my dear Pom Pom!
      I hope your Easter was wonderful and that your April has been as well.
      Yay for Spring indeed!!!

  2. Those hats are adorable. And such beautiful spring pictures!
    Happy Easter!

  3. I love Spring time too. It awakens the spirit and the mind. You know I love the bunny hats. Too too cute. I'm glad the bunny found a new home. He's adorable.
    xx Beca

    1. It does awaken the spirit and the mind after a long winter's night, so to speak, doesn't it? Thanks Beca!

  4. Is there anything prettier than spring blossoms, wet with rain? Although your adorable bunny hat and knitted bunny are definitely giving them a run for the money!

    1. You are so right... we wait all Winter long for Spring blossoms with rain...
      But thank you for making my knits a close second ;-)

  5. Love the bunny ears and the bunny. So happy to have spring here as well.

    1. Thank You Deborah!
      And YIPPEE for Spring!
      I hope you are enjoying yours enormously!

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