Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring, The Time of Plans and Projects

"Spring is the time of plans and projects."
So said Leo Tolstoy in his classic novel Anna Karenina.
Several Springtime's have passed since I read that hefty tome, which I found deeply moving on so many levels of human emotion. Then there were those times it offered small tidbits that were simply straightforward, practical and ageless, like the reality that for most of us Spring really does seem to be the time of
plans and projects.
I think it must be because, just as the earth around us, we find ourselves awakening once again, stretching our Winter weary limbs and blossoming with new growth. The Spring rain washes over us, bringing with it the scent of anticipation and excitement of all the greenness and bright color we are on the verge of experiencing, as though we've never known it before and at the same time have never been without it.
Ahh ...
Springtime ...
I love it!
For many of us it is the time we plan family trips and visits and sometimes quick weekend getaways due to the fact the weather has finally turned lovely. We begin to make our plans well into the Summer and early Autumn months. There will be Spring and Summer holidays and weddings sprinkled here and there as well. Back yard barbeques and lots of family and friends to laugh and enjoy the longer days of sunshine with. Doesn't it just make you happy to plan it all out in your heart?
Then there are always the projects...
This time of year always finds me working on some type of bunny project.
Over the many years I have been knitting these hats with bunny ears I've used a few different fibers and liked them all, however the last couple of years I have finally decided I prefer them knitted in Knit Picks Organic Cotton the very best. For one thing it's organic and for baby skin especially I think that is always an excellent idea. It is super soft and has no dyes or chemicals of any kind.
It also has enough body to it to make those ears stand straight up.
It eliminates any wool in the fiber against delicate baby skin
but is still an all natural fiber.
 I do sometimes work with blends that have a little synthetic in the mix but, generally, I prefer an all natural fiber, whether it's plant or animal sourced.
The Organic Cotton also makes a beautiful little "cotton tail" pom-pom.
I just love that finishing touch!

Although it's Springtime,
I oftentimes knit off season due to the fact I am filling custom orders.
I actually enjoy this because it keeps me all over the place in my day to day work, ensuring that I never get bored
{as if I could get bored with knitting or crocheting!}.
I recently shipped off an order to a customer out of state who wanted
some pumpkins knitted in the colors of Auburn University.
So, in March when I am usually elbow deep in all things bunny
I was knitting and stuffing pumpkins.
The order was for a half dozen. Three in each color.
I always knit my pumpkins in a double thickness of 100% Wool and stuff them within an inch of their lives {or my life...}.
The wool used for these was Cascade 220.
These plump pumpkins found their way to their new home last week and now I am finally putting the second sleeve in this lacework sweater that I had set aside for several weeks. I was able to let it wait because the customer who ordered it doesn't actually need it until early Fall.
This photo shows the first sleeve. Today's project is to finish the second sleeve then work the ends in so I can wet it and block it and sew on some pretty buttons. The entire sweater is worked in the round from the top down using Cascade 220 Superwash Wool. The sleeves were meant to be worked in rows back and forth but I decided to convert them into working in the round as well and am doing them on double point needles. I always knit round things in the round if at all possible. It only makes sense, as far as I'm concerned. This makes the entire sweater completely seamless.
A final note on the yarn used for this sweater ~
For those of you who have never worked with Cascade 220 Wool in the Superwash and might be worried that it is scratchy, it is NOT. It is a lovely wool to work with, offering beautiful stitch definition and enough softness even for a child's skin as long as there is no actual allergy or sensitivity to wool. Plus it can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry.
It's time for me to lay this sweater project to rest
 because there are more bunnies waiting to be made for the next custom order...
It is, after all,
"She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor;
"Winter is dead."
A.A. Milne
When We Were Very Young 


  1. Hi Danette,
    My grape hyacinths are now blooming too!
    So many beautiful knitting projects! The bunny hat is absolutely adorable.
    After a long time, I finally picked up my knitting needles again. I'm just trying different stitches for now, and it's still going to be a while before I make a complete knitting project. But I love it so for. I love that gentle sound my aluminum ( I think they are aluminum) needles are making.
    Enjoy the spring!
    Hugs from California :)

    1. Hugs to You from Illinois Sweet Olga!
      Your Crocheting is So Beautiful! But I would love to see your knitting too!!!
      I hope you're having a lovely Springtime,

  2. I love the bunny hats. I think I have a book with that pattern in it. Just might have to dig it out. Yours are always so lovely. The basket of pumpkins looks so pretty. The orange and blue go great together. Lots of lovelies on those needles.
    xx Beca

    1. Yes! Dig out that book!
      I LOVE the bunny hats too and they can go well into the Spring.
      They aren't just for Easter in my opinion.
      Happy Easter Dear Friend!

  3. So much loveliness. Cute bunny hats, I love the lace around the ears too, and the cardigan is so pretty xx

  4. Wow! Your projects are perfection!

    1. Oh Pom Pom!!!
      You always make me feel so GOOD!!!

  5. I haven't tried Knit Picks organic cotton before, but I'm so intrigued and pleased that you like it so much, so the next time I order some, I will let some of those organic cotton skeins hop into my cart! Love those pumpkins! It's fun to knit off season, I enjoy making my min stockings all year long!

    1. Yes! Give this Organic Cotton a try if you like working with cotton.
      I know some knitters don't and I don't like it for everything either but when I do need cotton I REALLY LOVE this Organic stuff!
      I LOVE your mini stockings and watching them as you prepare them.

  6. Hello, What a sweet little hat! And the pumpkins!!!!
    You are a very talented lady!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thank you so very much ....
      And YOU are a very SWEET Lady!!!
      Blessings to You,

  7. I love your bunny hat, it is very cute! this time of the year makes me want to knit something with bunnies too I might look up some patterns soon. I love the pumpkins I made one like that last fall they are so fun to knit up! lovely sweater and good you are finished so early. Happy Spring!

    1. So....
      Did you make any bunnies?
      Happy Spring to You too Sweet Girl!

    2. yes I did! I knitted a bunny from a square :) It was a good fast knit since I just decided to knit one right before Easter haha.

  8. what an inspiring and soul awakening writing my friend!

    you sound person who loves life and grabs joy and sense of achievement from each passing moment.
    Knitting was most favorite hobby of my [late] mom.
    your hats are so cute.
    sweater is very pretty ,loved the design too.
    Spring is rebirth of soul and enchantment of emotions that take place in heart while sipping the glow of spring around us

    1. Thank you so much!
      Your words touch my heart more than I can say, truly.
      Your visit to my blog Blessed me so very much.
      God be with you,


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