Friday, January 20, 2017

The Tiny Things

I spent the beginning of last week in bed due to a Lupus flare then was finally up and feeling quite a bit better when by Sunday night the nasty cold and flu hit me hard and sent me right back to bed again where I spent all of this week. Because of the rheumatoid and immune issues I struggle with my system is always in for a battle when it gets invaded. However, I have finally risen again and am thankfully and happily able to sit up in my favorite chair to drink tea and take up my knitting once more.
During the week while I was too sick to get up, a dear friend dropped a little potted primrose off for me. I was unable to see her, not only because I was just too ill to get up, but also there was no way I would expose her to the creeping crud so I remained in my bed with the door shut tight. Therefore she left the tiny treasure, along with a card and a book, at the door with Scott "to cheer me".
I have enjoyed this bright spot of something so small and fresh that has been brought into my world by someone who was thinking of and praying for me. As I've looked at it I have pondered the fact that it continues to reach up, seeking the sunlight during these gray January days. Obviously, as with all things of nature, this little plant knows its source and reaches out toward it instinctively.
Then I remember that's what I need to do as well. Reach out to my Source if I am to be green and flourishing; full of color, vitality and love. And that's where my mind softly settles... that one four letter word that makes the world go round ... and round ... and round...
"But now faith, hope, love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

Okay, familiar words, I know. But sometimes it just really hits me like its new.
 I know He wants us to get this thing about love. He wants me to get it, He wants you to get it, He wants all of us to get it.

"For life, with all it yields of joy and woe,
And hope and fear,
Is just our chance o' the prize of learning love,
How love might be, hath been indeed, and is."
Robert Browning

Here I would like to share with you an excerpt from a favorite book of mine. The book is tiny but packed full of great wisdom. It was written by Henry Drummond, a Scottish evangelist in the 1800's.
"The most obvious lesson in Christ's teaching is that there is no happiness in having and getting anything, but only in giving. I repeat, there is no happiness in having, or in getting, but only in giving. And half the world is on the wrong scent in the pursuit of happiness. They think it consists in having and getting, and in being served by others. He that would be great among you, said Christ, let him serve. He that would be happy let him remember that there is but one way -
it is more blessed, it is more happy, to give than to receive."
Now you may be thinking I have taken a sideways step. What does this have to do with the topic? So let me explain. Our happiness is deeply and directly entwined with love. How we show love and receive love. So much time is spent chasing after what we think are the really big things in life and so often, once we get them, we can't figure out why they don't bestow true happiness. It's called "chasing after the wind" and it's because we were designed for so much more; something richer and more noble. Focus in on that one tiny portion right in the middle of 1 Corinthians 13:5 speaking on love...
"it seeks not its own".
These words always slap me right in the face. Every. Single. Time.
Today's World always tells us to think of Self first and, you know what, so does simple, base human nature. Therefore we have to walk in the Love of God, not our own kind of love. It is never going to be our instinct to consistently put everyone {or sometimes even anyone} above ourselves. That takes the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit every single day.  But I tell you this, at the end of the day, no matter how hard we have struggled to chase after big and mighty things, it all comes down to the one thing we all really want most and that is love.
I just know what a different place this world could really be if we could grasp hold of the true meaning of Love as God has defined it for us. If we would just seek Him and His kingdom FIRST, how differently we would always treat our fellow human beings, no matter who they are. And in giving that kind of love, we would receive so much love in return. It all starts right here, in our own individual heart.
"Love is success, Love is happiness, Love is life."
Henry Drummond
"The things that make God dear to us are not so much His great big blessings as the tiny things,
because they show His amazing intimacy with us;
He knows every detail of our individual lives."
Oswald Chambers
My Utmost for His Highest


  1. Beautiful post, Danette! I've been thinking about switching up my quiet time with Jesus and making a study of all the reasons I love Him as I read His word.
    I like the way you think and I am so happy that you are on the mend, friend.

    1. All I can say is Bless you my Friend... because sometimes when I put myself out here in posts like this I wonder about how people feel about "the way I think". So God used you to speak straight to my heart ❤️

  2. Danette, thank you for your wonderful comment today. You brought tears to my eyes and yes indeed Claudia is my sister and Don my BIL. They are amazing and I am so blessed to have them in my life. I wish you health my friend, I am so sorry to hear you have been so ill. Rest.

    1. You are so welcome Meredith. So Claudia is your Sister!
      Isn't family like this the richest of Life's Blessings?!
      And Thank You ... I am doing much better this week finally :-)
      I always bounce back, it just takes me longer than the average bear.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better and it was very nice of your friend to give you the flower. I love how flowers reach towards the light and they know how to survive and I loved how you connected it to what we need as humans being love. I agree that we are all seeking love in everything we do. Hope you feel better and have a great week!

    1. Bless You Sweet Lisa...I am feeling much better and hope you are happy and healthy in your corner of the world my friend!

  4. So well said, Danette!! I love this. I'm sorry that you have been under the weather, it's been a hard winter for illness, that's for sure!

    1. You always lift me up Sweet Julie. It sure has been a hard Winter for sickness! I saw that your dear little family was hit hard over Christmas, with Little Fella getting it double time ☹️
      Sick Littles are the WORST.
      I'm praying you all stay Healthy from here on out..,


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