Friday, January 27, 2017

Off With the Fairies

What does one do on a cold, grey Winter day in late January when the house is finally quiet with the doggies napping in their bed together and the aging calico cat snuggled into her first long nap of the day? Well, put the kettle on for a nice cup of Earl Grey tea and not only knit, but crochet as well, of course. While I sip this fresh, steaming brew there are huge fluffy snowflakes keeping time in a merry dance with each other just outside my window to add to this perfectly cozy day. They stop and start, as though changing partners in a never ending sequence. Then they magically disappear into thin air like fairies or ballerina's, so light on their feet, before ever touching the ground. I appreciate them though, for their lovely performance in the midst of my day.
 I am working on a scarf here for a local custom order.
You can take a look at the one currently for sale on my shop
to see what it looks like when finished.
That one has wool in it but my customer has serious skin sensitivities. Therefore this scarf is being made with a cotton and acrylic blend for her in the color scheme of her choice. I have to admit, I think it's my choice of colors as well.
I will be sure to show a picture or two when it's completed before she picks it up next week.
As I have stated several times before,
I love the fact that I am able to both knit and crochet.
Actually, crochet was my first love. Then I learned to knit two years later. All of this was over 30 years ago now. I can't imagine what my life would be without these two constants.
No matter what else Life has brought my way and brings my way...
I never miss a stitch...
I just keep stitching through it all.
It makes me happy, peaceful, and keeps me livable to all other forces of nature, especially those of the human persuasion. Without it, who knows, I might very well be bonkers, unhinged and absolutely mad as a hatter. So not only am I thankful for it, those who know and love me should be as well, for it keeps me in that state of sweet repose of being "off with the fairies". Not that I really am but it does keep me much more mellow like one who is.
Like all who are completely immersed in these fiber arts, I have a total passion for the perfect knitting/crochet bag and I can tell you where to find one.
You can find beautiful, Mary Poppins style bags like this on an Etsy Shop made by Tannei Casey right here. She makes all sizes and shapes of bags that I just love! I've been shopping with her for myself and for gifts for years now and her workmanship and customer service is the best in the business. Not to mention her prices are truly unbeatable. I promise.
Here's an inside view of that fabulous big bag so you can see that it is lined with pockets.
Plus it is flat on the bottom, sits nicely and opens up very widely so you can get to everything needed.
As for other tools of the trade, well.... I am extremely picky on that point as well.
I've been at this for decades now and I know what I like and what I don't like.
Knit Picks Rosewood Knitting Needles are my favorite. I have a full set in the straight, which they still sell and a full set in the interchangeable circular, which they do not currently sell.
The straights are pictured in action in the first photo.
When it comes to Crochet Hooks, it took me literally 30 years of searching to find the perfect ones.
In my opinion, nothing compares to Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks, which I sell on my Shop.
Throughout 2016 my stock got nearly depleted.
I carry them in sets and individually.
I have recently restocked all of my hooks.
This is the Nam Oc Set
This is the Ebony Set, which is what I use personally.
Each set includes a beautiful multicolored satin case.
I am a firm believer in high quality tools to get the job done.
You can read my customer reviews on my Shop
to see how much others love these hooks as well.

As for me ...
There's a nice cup of tea waiting for me
and a sleepy old calico cat keeping my spot warm,
so I'm back to my knitting and crocheting ...
and ...
my dance with the fairies ...
"Don't you know that everybody's got a Fairyland of their own?"
P.L. Travers
Mary Poppins


  1. I love the blue and grey colours together xx

  2. What a lovely soothing post, the way you described your peaceful cosy setting with the snowflakes was so evocative. I agree with you about how knitting and crochet helps the mind and the soul, imagine how many more bonkers and unhinged people there would be in the world if we didn't have it. Enjoy your weekend. Fionax

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and kind visit Fionax...
      You enjoy your weekend as well and please do come again 😊✨💕✨

  3. SO lovely, that scarf is going to be so beautiful! And I love those bags, especially that little grey pouch with the white berry print, so lovely. And those needle rolls!!

    1. Always, always So Sweet My Julie...
      I am just finishing the scarf up.....
      I will show it soon :-)))

  4. Love the scarf . . . even the name of it is lovely! I am still trying to get to where knitting is more enjoyable. I do like it, but I'm still making mistakes and find it hard to listen to a book as well. My goal is to get competent enough to do both! I am currently in a state of frustration over some knitting, but I know I just need a little patience and I'll get there! You make it sound so much more enjoyable, and I'm hoping I'll reach that state someday. (I can knit dishcloths with ease and peace at least!!)

    1. You hang in there!
      I've been doing this for over 30 years so it's second nature at this point. I can count stitches in my head while having a full blown conversation but that's from years and years of lots of knitting. I knit daily.
      Thanks for your sweet words on my scarf 😊


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