Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hmmm...Crochet or Piecrust?

Although I have an apron tied around my middle,
a cookbook opened on the table,
 ingredients all over the countertop,
and should by now be mixing pie dough
for tomorrow's festivities...
I keep reaching for my crochet hook
instead of my rolling pin!
Ah well...
surely there's time for both :)))
These lovely snowflakes and twinkly stars
just needed to be made.
The pattern for the snowflakes can be found in
Issue Eleven
Simply Crochet
The free gift on the front of this issue
is a packet containing the dk weight  yarn  with
a thread of sparkly silver running through it
a plastic crochet hook.
The pattern is inside the book.
You can find the star pattern
compliments of
 Leonie Morgan
I have not stiffened and blocked them yet;
just lightly steamed for the picture.
There are visions in my head of a flurry full
of the little beauty's
dancing over the French doors
between my dining room
and front room
on a lovely garland chain.

I know I should be preparing for Thanksgiving
{as my whole family always gathers at my house}
but I really must take the time to show you one more thing.
This was yesterday's project.
It is destined to be a Christmas gift.
Guess you can tell
 I'd so much rather play with yarn
than mess with all that food stuff!
You can find the pattern for this scarf
 and it's sweet little flower
by paying a visit to
where "granny goodness" always abounds.

I really must force myself to make a mess in the kitchen.
Before I leave you all though
I want to tell every one of you how very much
all of your kind words on the loss of my
Little Jose'
have meant to me.
You have all helped to heal my breaking heart
and reminded me  to remember the goodness
of the love I shared with a special little dog.
Thank You All
from the
Very Bottom of My Heart.
I will cherish your kindness and remember it forever.
May you all have the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

With Love,

I would like to say
to a couple of new followers~
I truly love making new friends :)))


  1. I am too wearing an apron right now and making a pie and other yummy foods for tomorrow. And in between, I run to my computer to see what is going on in the blog land ;-)
    Your snowflakes are turning out lovely (I started making some a few days ago too), and the scarf is very pretty.
    I gotta run now to take a look at my pie in the oven.
    Happy happy Thanksgiving to you dear Danette and your family.

    1. Thanks Dear Olga!
      I finally forced myself to get busy in the kitchen and now have enough pie dough refrigerated for 4 pies and have whipped the cream. All else will take place tomorrow with the help of one of my daughters.
      You are so funny!
      I have done the same thing all day long ~ checked my the land of blog to see what everyone is up to :)))
      I'd say we're addicted!
      Well ... there are worse things!
      You have the HAPPIEST THANKSGIVING ever My Friend!!!

  2. Have a wonderful feast! The scarf you made is SO cute! Crochet away! It encourages all of us! (BIG HUG!)

    1. Thanks Pom Pom!
      We are all full as a bunch of bullfrogs at this point!
      As you probably are also :)
      Hope you had a wonderful day.
      And I love it that you say I encourage you all :)))
      Especially since it is ALL OF YOU who encourage me!
      Love and Big Hugs,

  3. Lovely snowflakes :) I hope you're having a very happy thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much Elisabeth!
      I hope you are happy and healthy in your corner of the world :)))

  4. Danette,

    I have to say I was hoping for some pie and the smell of your kitchen, but would, with very little protest, sit with tea and watch you crochet for hours. I am thankful for the blessing of your friendship everyday.

    1. My Dearest Genie~
      I saved you some pumpkin and pecan pie.
      And the crochet is never ending these days, plus the kettle is ALWAYS on....
      So...what time can I expect you? :)))
      I am thankful for the blessing of your friendship everyday as well!

  5. I think this idea is also perfect to create coasters for your Personalized Glassware. I'm not good in crochet but I would definitely try it.


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