Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Mr. Darcy

On Sunday afternoon my sister
brought me a gift.
I had been thinking I might enjoy watching a pretty fish
float around while I am in my upstairs office.
So I pulled a pretty crystal rose bowl out of the china cabinet
and made it ready,
thinking I would go fish shopping one day this week.
Instead I got a lovely surprise ~
Bridget showed up with this gorgeous
I love how colorful he is.
Such a beautiful creature needed a special name...
Mr. Darcy.
Isn't he pretty?
I especially love the turquoise blue across his body.
And speaking of
turquoise blue...
I finally finished my third pair of
Crocheted Socks :)
These are for my friend
Mary Anne.
She has been off work with a back injury.
I decided she needed a little something soft and snuggly to comfort her.
She was delighted!
Isn't it fun to give gifts :)))
And back to my sister
Bridget ~
I just can't resist telling you this little story...
Last night Bridget decided she would walk
to my  house and join us for Knit Night.
Her favorite coffee shop is along the way.
The girls in there saw her going by and waved her in for a nice chat.
She pulled her crochet work out to get a few stitches in while they visited.
And this is what happened~
If you look closely
you will see
that she crocheted
{and connected!}
her work around the strap of the bag!
They all got a good laugh out of that...
and when she arrived at my house...
we had to laugh some more!
So today's post has gone from
For my Dear Sister
must now get busy
that bit of nonsense.


  1. LOL...oh Danette, I am so so sorry for laughing but I needed a good laugh. Sorry to hear your sister had to frog all her hard work but that was hilarious! Your new fish is so pretty. What a wonderful gift!

    1. Hi Shari!
      So happy to oblige you in a good laugh:))) My sister can be a real hoot! The fish IS pretty, isn't he? I really needed just one more pet ~ I only have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 3 birds after all {now that my baby bunnies have been set free}.

  2. Such a sweet story. Mr. Lee loves betas. Probably because they are fiesty and terratorial. They swim right up to the glass as if so say, "What are you looking at?" Love to you sweet girl.

    1. I think I love them too! This one is full of color. He is young, not full grown yet. Gabby is thrilled with him! He is Grammy & Gabby's new pet. We got used to having baby bunnies in my upstairs office to care for so we needed something up here again to feed. She likes to take charge of feeding time :)
      Love to You too My Sweet,

  3. Hehe...I've done plenty of things like crocheting around bag straps before!
    I love your newest socks, the colour is gorgeous. I'm so glad you're enjoying the pattern x

    1. Hi Vicki!
      We just get those hooks and needles flying and keep on talking and ~ Voila'! ~ a mess :))) {sometimes!} Tee hee....I have truly enjoyed the sock pattern. Thanks so much,


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