Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Frosting On My Cake

Oh My Goodness ~
I've been in a
I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post.
Since Easter I have been on the fast track.
So today I have a real hodge podge of
things to tell
things to show.
Just after Easter my sweet little granddaughter
turned 6 years old.
This is a picture of the cake Grammy made for her party.
She wanted it piled high with lots of
frosting :)))
My sister had a Girl's Luncheon on Gabby's birthday to celebrate.
This is Gabby and Me in Bridget's lovely home.
After lunch I joined Chelsea & Gabby for a
Big Birthday Event ~
Gabby got her ears pierced.
She did fabulous!
On the same day I recieved this in the mail.
I was tickled
In the midst of all else I have been nursing along 2 of my babies.
Jose' {my little chihuahua} has a torn ACL
Sophie {my old girl dachshund} has a urinary tract infection
plus they are checking her for diabetes.
I should find out about that today sometime.
Those of you who are doggie lovers
please say a prayer for my babies.
As usual
through it all
my hands have kept busy
{in order for me to survive!}
with yarn.
I have been stocking my
with some covered baby hangers.
I found this beautiful basket
at the local thrift shop for next to nothing last week.
I have also been crocheting these darling potholders.
This red and white one looks so pretty
hanging with my aprons.
Here's another one I need to finish...
{you know how that goes!}
But first I am going to finish knitting this little
 Baby Hat
Can you see the sweet
Winnie the Pooh
stitch marker?
I have always LOVED Pooh!
That's all the
Frosting On My Cake
these days.
What's happening in your little corner of the world?


  1. What a busy girl you have been! Congrats on your certificate and achievement. Very satisfying I'm sure. And Gabby 6 already! Wow! They grow way too fast.


    1. Hi Kar~
      It HAS been busy here. But I think we all live in a whirlwind from time to time. I cannot believe Gabby is 6 already! Did I tell you she just lives 2 doors over from me now? Loving it! And thanks for the congrats. I am still working for my level 2 in crochet certification. Then will do it all again for knitting.
      Take care My Friend,

  2. Oh! Congratulations and so much fun with the party and the projects! :) Hope all is well in your world! :)

    1. Thank You Sweet Sarah!
      All is well for the most part.
      Feeling a bit puney today {right along with my doggies}.
      But I have had the crochet hook smoking anyway!
      Be Blessed My Dear,

  3. Hi Danette! Everything looks beautiful, especially that pink cake! Hope your little babies get better soon.

    1. Hello Miss Lynne!
      Thanks! The pink cake tasted pretty good too :)))
      I am working hard to nurse these babies along. Sophie has a bad UTI but all other blood work was good. Thank God!
      Happy Day,


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