Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Case of the Blues

For anyone who might be peeking over my shoulder these days, it may look as though I've got a real case of the
Everything that everyone wants me to make is
So.... I guess this is My Blue Show & Tell Day
First thing you can see is that I have crocheted another one of the
Too ~ Darn ~ Cute!
This one is for my daughter Chelsea's stepson, Drew
And for those of you who struggle with pom~pom making I use these lovely, handy~dandy items from Clover and love them!
The other blue project I am working on in between all else is another
Using this wonderful new yarn
It is 40% Superwash Merino Wool & 60% Acrylic
And Oh~So~Yummy to work with!
Very soft
Each 100g {3.5 oz.} ball has 213 yds {195m}
Cost is $8.00 per skein.
It will take 3 of them for a shawl.
This one will hang on display in my Local Yarn Shop.
Every now and then they ask me to crochet something up for them.
The best part ......
they pay me in
YARN :)))
As I sat with my feet propped up yesterday afternoon working a few rows on this I got a phone call from Hubby's boss who needs a baby shower gift for this Sunday.
You guessed it ~
A Baby Boy
So I put down the crochet hook and grabbed up the knitting needles
Hubby had a teeny~tiny little hat in hand when he went to work this morning.
{And Mrs. Boss thought I couldn't get it done by Sunday. tee~hee!}
Now for today?
It's back to my comfy chair and the shawl that awaits me there.
And if anyone needs anything else out of me
.....As soon as I finish this row....


  1. Wow Love it in blue! You are a busy girl. I need to get a pom pom maker..I stink at making them. Shawl is gorgeous! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Neicee!
      The next stocking will be cranberry and tan. Look for these pom pom makers at Hobby Lobby.
      You have a great day too! :)

  2. Danette,
    Love the shawl and the hat you made for hubby. Just beautiful...Isn't it funny how a certain color will be the 'theme' of our current projects? That happens to me a lot too.
    Enjoy getting to that 'next row' before another want heads your way.

    1. Hi Karen!
      It's 5p.m. and I am STILL trying to pick up that shawl! I'm just about to get there I think. It is funny how a certain color gets dominate.

  3. Everything looks beautiful Danette! I love how you can just whip up a cute baby hat out of thin air. Pom pom maker is a good idea. A Hobby Lobby just opened near me, so I must go check it out. Have fun with your shawl!

    1. Thanks Lynne!
      Well... it took a bit of yarn to go along with the "thin air" :) You will love having a Hobby Lobby close by. Mine is the next town over.

  4. Beautiful Blues Danette, my favourite colour, all beautiful as always!

    1. Oh Thanks Jen!
      I love Blue too!
      It's always so soothing and comforting to me.

  5. Eh, what do bosses know? *wink* The hat is adorable.
    Have a great week!

  6. You sure are one busy lady! Are your wrist getting tired yet? Blues are a pretty color to work with so I bet that makes it easier. Love the pom pom on the stocking! Shari

    1. Thanks Shari!
      My whole body is tired. As a matter of fact I am taking a few days off to rest up.

  7. Lol, I too have the next row to go! and the blue is lovely. Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family this Christmas! :)

  8. Hello Sweet Sarah!
    Good to hear from you :)
    There is ALWAYS the next row to go isn't there!
    We are enjoying getting ready for the holiday.
    Our youngest daughter just moved in 2 doors down over the weekend {grandbabies close by :)))} and our 29th anniversary is coming in a couple of weeks. So lots of happy stuff going on here!
    Hope you are Happy and Healthy as well.

  9. Paid in yarn Danette, perfect! Merry Christmas to you.


    1. I know Fi! What could be better payment?!
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. Darling Danette,

    Only one week of school left... I will be crafting and sewing right along with you. No blue because my favorite color is green. Holly says she "broke up" with green and now loves pink, purple and yellow. Ahhh, growing up too fast.
    xxxoooOOOO Genie

    1. My Dear Eugenia!
      One week ~ WOW!!! I am praying you through! :)
      Blue is not my first favorite color either. Cranberry, red or pink are my faves, with green right behind them. Holly cracks me up!
      They do grow up way too fast!
      xxxxxxooooooOOOOO To You Too My Dear!


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