Thursday, January 21, 2021

To Dwell In Possibilities

 There once was a girl of only sixteen who lay across her bed feeling ill. A young man, whom she already loved with her whole heart, quietly entered the room. In his hand was a small volume of poetry covered in blue velvet with silver lettering. The room was awash in the soft glow of late afternoon, which enhanced the golden aura the young man naturally exuded. 

Although he was only twenty at the time, he knew the secret way to her heart; the tender language of love. He sat quietly in the chair next to her bed, opened the book, and began to read aloud. His voice was melodic and gentle as it mingled with the words penned by Emily Dickinson from a time gone by; a time of once and future possibilities. 

Tiny dust motes shimmered in a beam of light from a window and danced as fairies in the fading sun. They were joyous because they knew, as the young man continued to read, the magic of possibilities swirled in the air. The young girl was soon soothed into a peaceful sleep. She awoke completely restored. The young man still sat by her bed in a room full of dusk with a book of poetry in his hand. 

Many years later, though the girl is not so young, she still loves that same man with her whole heart. A man who, when he was young, sat by her bed and read poetry to her. It was the beginning of possibilities. Possibilities to experience many times over. The reading of poetry, the carrying of one another through illness, the joy of togetherness, and the love and friendship that deepens over time.

What would life be if we did not dwell in possibilities; if we did not live on the edge of what if? There would be a myriad of things and people we would miss along the way. We never outgrow the ability to reach for and achieve new possibilities. Do you have a dream, a desire, a longing, a passion to be or do something? The time has come for you to dwell in possibilities. May you reach for the stars and on your way up enjoy the thrill of reaching. 

Though some of the pages are loose from nearly forty years of being read, the beloved blue velvet book of poetry is still one of my dearest treasures. It has been my constant reminder that life is full of possibilities. 

"I dwell in Possibility - "
Emily Dickinson


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