Friday, February 1, 2019

Fresh Friday... Radiant Skin

As we all know Winter weather can wreak total havoc on our skin.
So I thought this week I would share a few tips
 on how to safeguard yourself during these months
and keep that healthy glow amidst icy cold temperatures,
 harsh winds and drifting snowstorms.
I'll start with my favorite new cleanser. 
packed full of wonderful things for your skin.
It contains the enzymes Papain and Bromelain and fruit extracts such as,
 Sweet Orange and Grapefruit, Kumquat, Kiwi and Neem.
All of these ingredients come together to gently exfoliate every time you
 cleanse, infusing your skin with that all important vitamin C.
It's suitable for all skin types and takes just one pump
mixed with a little water on your face to lather up perfectly.
 When the natural fragrance of those citrus fruits hit your senses,
 it's almost easy to forget that Winter is still upon us!
Every little squirt releases the sweet scent of fresh Summertime .
As you can see on the bottle this is a Skin Dimensions product.
I purchased mine at the Morton location.
They also have Illinois Day Spa's in Peoria, Galesburg, Bloomington and Peru
as well as Iowa Spa's in Clinton and Davenport.
Their staff is well trained and licensed to help you with all of your 
skin care needs and provide you with the most exquisite day spa experience!
If you don't live near one of their locations and would like
 to try this cleanser you can make your purchase online.
Since we know that cleansing is just the first step in skincare
you can view all of their other beautiful products right here.
While we're still on the subject of skincare products,
I'd like to share another one of my favorite items that I use every day, 
multiple times a day, year round and more heavily during these colder months.
Over the years, probably like everyone else, 
I have used so many different lip balms.
 Some that I liked more than others and some that went straight
 into the trash because they didn't even glide on properly.
Then a couple of years ago I hit my "Hallelujah!" moment 
with this fantastic product made by doTerra.
The very first ingredient in every one of them is Coconut Oil,
which most likely accounts for the silky smooth application of it.
They all have essential oils in them like:
 Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild Orange, Clementine, 
Marjoram and Ylang Ylang depending on the flavor.
Each one can be purchased separately
 or they can be bought together as a pack of three.
I keep them poked all over the house.
There's always one in my purse and each knitting bag, 
one in a drawer next to the chair I knit in during the evening 
and one in my dresser drawer to use just before I get into bed.
I consider this the final step of my skincare routine each night.
Winter is hard on our lips just like it is the rest of our skin.
No other lip product has ever helped me like this one.
If you live in my area and don't have a personal source to order
 doTerra from but would like to try this or any of their products,
you can contact me and I would be happy to add anything
you want to my order that goes out at the beginning of each month.
I will share my consultants discount with you as this is something
I do solely for the purpose of the health and well being
of myself and my household and not for the sake of earning money.
We can't discuss a topic as important as skincare
 without bringing up the actual real first step... healthy eating.
Every single thing you put into your body
 eventually shows up in your skin
 and even leaves trace deposits in your hair.
{For those of you who don't know,
 years ago I was a licensed Cosmetologist}
So, I'll say it once again...
You are what you eat.
Here's a list of
 Foods that are Good for your Skin:

1. Eggs  help with tissue repair,
High in:
 Selenium - wards off skin infections and acne
Vitamin A - prevents abnormal clumps,
 which can turn into moles and skin tags
Copper - promotes skin elasticity

2. Avocados  prevent blemishes and enhance skin quality
High in age defying,
 free radical fighting Vitamins A, D & E

3.  Blueberries tighten and renew skin
High in Vitamins A & C
Clears blotchy spots and acne

4.  Berries  Raspberries, Blackberries & Strawberries
High in Vitamin C
Keeps collagen in skin healthy
High in Anthocyanins and Quercetin, which:
helps reduce inflammation in skin
keeps skin tone even and causes skin to look radiant

5.  Oranges  (and Grapefruits) prevent wrinkles
tones the skin
High in Vitamin C
Helps improve the texture and color of skin
Restores collagen

6.  Watermelon  helps to clear your skin
improves elasticity
smooths skin 

7.  Salmon  rich in omega-3 fatty acids
helps moisturize skin 
 keeps it looking healthy and radiant
helps clear clogged pores  
erases fine lines and wrinkles

8.  Dark Chocolate  ( at least 60% cocoa)
helps skin stay hydrated
protects skin from sun damage 
*Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits
 of unhealthy looking skin *

9.  Kiwi  firms skin
has antioxidants that:
 fight cancer, prevent wrinkles,
 & keep bones and teeth healthy 

10.  Spinach  (leafy green veggies)
rich in nutrients and antioxidants
High in:
 Vitamins B, C & E
Potassium, Iron, 
Calcium & Magnesium 

Also be sure you are drinking plenty of water.
It hydrates your skin by delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells.
The vital moisture from the water helps to keep your skin soft and supple,
 enhancing your complexion by making it glisten and look more radiant. 
"Nature gives you the face you have at 20.
It's up to you to merit the face you have at 50."
Coco Chanel

"Aging is a fact of life.
Looking your age is not."
Dr. Howard Murad

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