Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Frosted Rooftops

I love waking up to an early December morning with frosted rooftops and bare branches dusted so lightly that just the slightest sparkle of sunshine sets them to dancing. The air all around is sometimes a beautiful, thick white presence with a life all its own. We've had days of big, fluffy snowflakes and other days that were cold, clear and bright. No matter the weather, I love it all.
 I know that once December comes back to us every year,
 She begins to work her magic...
Hearts come together for special events throughout the month of merriment.
My daughter Chelsea went with Julius to the Lyric Opera in Chicago
 for a night of fun filled culture.
As you know, special events call for the most beautiful dresses.
During the holidays, we love to slip into something special,
 add a touch of lipstick and maybe a bit of sparkle here and there...
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that will take you to your Christmas Party, the Opera and even to the Ballet... 
Once again December found us at The Peoria Ballet's Nutcracker.
This year's performance was the most exquisite one I have seen yet,
 under the direction of Artistic Director, Jorge Laico.
His choreography, along with my favorite Tchaikovsky music being played so beautifully by the Heartland Festival Orchestra, created a magical fairyland that swept me away to a land of snowflakes, frost fairies
 and all the possibilities of dreams that really do come true...
 if only we believe...
Gabby had two roles this year.
One as a Maid, which was an acting part.
The other as a Polichinelle, her dancing part.
 The Polichinelle's are the colorful dancers
 who emerge from Mother Ginger's dress 
and dance all about her throughout the scene. 
A special highlight for Gabby was having her "dead" pointe shoes signed by 
the professional ballet dancers who performed as guest artists this year from 
Chicago's renowned Joffrey Ballet.
Victoria Jaiani and Temur Suluashvili were completely breathtaking as the 
Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier.
There wasn't a single soul able to remain seated at the end of the ballet.
It was a truly magical night.
I look forward to it all year long...
Dressing up, settling into my seat in the theatre and then...
the thrill of the first strains of music floating through the air...

The whole of December always brings
 the wonderment of a child back to my spirit again.
With every tree I display, every twinkling light throughout my house and the ornaments that get placed just so, each day makes me feel just a little bit younger {at heart, at least} and makes me tingle all over with more and more excitement. It's almost as though I'm holding my breath along with millions of children across the world who are waiting for Santa's big night.
I hope it does the same for you, whether you're dashing off to 
a gala event in that gorgeous new evening dress
or staying tucked in the house with your family and mugs of hot cocoa.

May you have all the joy and wonder of a child inside your heart
at the beginning of each new day,
And remember when you peer out your
window on a cold December morning,
that frosted rooftops bring to life
the most magical moment.
Enjoy them all!
"The afternoon knows 
what the morning never suspected."
Robert Frost

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All sentiments and events are my own.*


  1. Merry Christmas Danette
    xx Beca

    1. Thank You My Friend!
      A Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours as well!

  2. You're welcome... I'm glad you liked the article and thank you for loving my blog. Merry Christmas!

  3. It all sounds so wonderfully festive, good memories have been made. Happy Holiday's.

    1. There's nothing like the holiday's for makings special memories!
      I hope this year finds you at your happiest and healthies!
      Extra special hugs to our dear Little Buddy :)))

      Merry Christmas My Friend,


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