Sunday, August 27, 2017

Front Porch Knitting

There's a whole lot of Front Porch Knitting going on at my house these days as I work at breakneck speed in preparation for the upcoming Pumpkin Festival. We have just under 3 weeks left to finish up and then we will all be setting up our booths at the Craft Faire. I love the hodgepodge variety of all the vendors set up together. The buzz of energy as we all work individually, and yet collectively, is nearly palpable in its silent hum that constantly weaves throughout the entire event. Quite honestly, I believe it's one of the biggest and best reasons I return year after year for this wonderful event. I am truly delighted in, and totally energized by, the overall sense of belonging; sense of community the Pumpkin Festival bestows upon me. It is small town living at it's very finest.
And I am a small town Girl to the core.
   So I have been knitting a lot of pumpkins these days.
Some have been for custom orders, some fly out the door as people stop by and some will show up in my booth at the Festival.
Never fear...
If you arrive at my booth too late and I'm sold out...
I take custom orders and I work fast.
This photo was taken by a recent customer who sent it to me after she received the pumpkins as a surprise gift from her very sweet hubby.
Pictured here are three pumpkins in Natural and three in Blaze Orange.
All of my pumpkins are made using 100% Pure Wool double stranded and contain approximately 8 cups of fiber fill per pumpkin. 
By the way, this photo was used with the permission of the happy customer. :-)

I love to provide variety for people
so I knit pumpkins in different colors to suit various tastes.
Also, if you look closely, you will see just the top of some pumpkin dishcloths peeking out from underneath the stuffed pumpkins in the basket.
They are made from a wonderful fiber blend of cotton and linen
and I will have them along with me as well.
Then, of course, I will have some baby items for sale too...

But switching gears...
There will be items besides pumpkin themed knits in my booth as well, such as one of my all time favorite Fall Fashion accessories: Fingerless Mitts.
I always provide several styles and colors for those who like them.

So if you love warm hands and free fingers,
come and see me.
 I'll be in booth number
Front Porch Knits
September 15 & 16.
I sure hope to see you there!
And please do wander throughout the whole Craft Faire.
Each year brings with it a treasure trove of new delights.
I promise you will love it!

"There is immense power when a group of people 
with similar interests gets together
to work toward the same goals."
Idowu Koyenikan


  1. We have something similar in our area only ours is called the Peanut Festival. I can see why your booth is so popular. The pumpkin dishcloths are adorable. I love the pumpkins in the basket. You must be thoroughly enjoying yourself whipping up all those pretties. I wish you well on your upcoming event. Happy knitting.
    xx Beca

    1. Oh I LOVE Peanut Butter so I bet that's a fun festival! The Peanut Festival... I LIKE it!!!
      Thanks for all of your sweet encouragement Beca! I'm working hard and enjoying every stitch :-)))

  2. I love the new mitts! Danette, I will wait until after the Pumpkin fest and then check your shop.

    1. Anything for YOU, my FRIEND... :-)))))
      I know how you love your mitts.

  3. Lovely lovely items. Now I'm in that fall/pumpkin mood. The mitts are beautiful especially the lace pair.

    1. Thank you so much my new Friend!!!
      I must admit that I am a Summertime lover and always hate to give up on it but I live in the Pumpkin Capital of the World and this town whisks me along into its early Fall LOVE...
      So happy you like my mitts too :-)
      Happy knitting and caffeinating!!!

  4. eek its too soon to be thinking about autumn - Im still ekeing out the last days of summer...but your pumpkins are fab :)
    Just found you whilst blog hopping. Looking forward to reading more,

    1. Oh how I AGREE My Dear....
      I would live in a Fairytale Land of FOREVER Golden Summertime if I had my way about it but.... here I am in the Midwest Pumpkin Capital of the World where literally everyone I know prefers Autumn. So... I must prepare...
      So very happy you found me!
      I'm hopping over to your place too and looking forward to being friends!
      Happy Day to you!

  5. I love your wonderful pumpkins! And those fingerless mitts, so many beautiful pairs. You are going to sell out in no time!

    1. Thank you, thank you my Dear!
      Here's keeping my fingers crossed...!
      Have a lovely weekend Julie!

  6. You are going to be sold out in no time at all. Wonderful projects Danette.


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