Friday, February 17, 2017

Seasons of the Heart

New Beginnings.
Isn't that what so much of life is about? I love this time of year. Not because I especially enjoy the tail end of Winter but rather the subtle hint of fresh Springtime that flits around us in the air ever so slightly. The moments of bright sunshine that break through the old days of grey and shine right down through the bare, leafless branches of the trees, melting away the last traces of snow. They whisper a promise of things to come. A work that is just beginning, like a beautiful new shawl just cast onto the knitting needles waiting for its full beauty to be brought into life one glorious day at a time.
Other times life is all about transitioning or even putting things on hold, if just for a little while, like this toddler sized sweater that's oh so close to the finish line in my check list of things I can call done... until... 
 I realized I made a mistake that I haven't made in more years than I can count on both hands.
I didn't order enough yarn! So... hopefully sometime next week there will be another ball of Cascade 220 Superwash Wool in Magenta on my doorstep so I can finish the sleeves of this sweet lacework sweater. Right now it looks like it has cap sleeves in it, which is kind of cute but I think the long pink sleeves will be a whole lot prettier. Then I'll sew some tiny flower shaped white buttons down the front and return to the knitted shawl if it's still stuck in limbo on my needles. That beautiful yarn, by the way, is Chroma in fingering weight by Knit Picks. The color is my new happy color ... Wildflower. Doesn't that just work for you?
 It does for Me.
It conjures all sorts of fanciful visions for the Springtime I know is coming.
Visions of breezy days that smell of sunshine. Days when I'll swing gently on my front porch with knitting in my lap, a cup of tea close at hand, my dogs eagerly greeting passersby and Spring rains that bring forth tiny buds of new growth that soon turn into beautiful blossoms. 
If I look close enough I just might spy a fairy or two dancing beneath them, feeling the same joy that I have in me for the days of fresh, new beginnings that lie ahead. A whole Spring and Summer to dance and play. A whole year of new projects to make and new friends to meet. 
There are also times life is about finishing things and moving forward so we can see what's waiting for us around that next magical corner. I finally finished my Dancing With the Fairies Scarf and was able to wrap it around the neck of a happy customer.

Life is a continuous cycle of seasons.
Seasons of weather and seasons of the heart.
No matter what season we are in
 sometimes all it takes is a bit of faith to get us through...
And the memory that after every hard Winter,
Springtime comes again.

"To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven..."
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. I love this time of year too! right now I can feel the difference in the air, it is warmer and there is a freshness as well. The sun is shining differently and I feel lighter and happy. I love the scarf you finished it is so beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer weather.

    1. Yes... Spring is inching ever closer.
      And Thank You :-)))

  2. I am in the season of needing a lot of Faith, so thank you for reminding me to place my heart in the Faith of life and this world. Love your beautiful makes, that sweater is gorgeous.

    1. OH Meredith ... My Sweet and Gentle Friend... You are Most Welcome.
      And Thank YOU.

  3. Lovely! You are a super star knitter!
    Does the cold weather make you ache? I wish for sunbeams.

    1. And YOU are TOO Sweet!!!
      Yes the Cold bothers my rheumatoid issues...
      I always wish for sunbeams... we have a lot of grey days in Illinois.

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