Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Soft Serenity

For those of us who live in the corner of the world where this time of year slowly brings Autumn to our doorstep, we are sitting on the edge of our seats with the anticipation of little children as we watch September once again walk out of our lives, taking with her the last random days of golden summertime. She must make way for her friend October who will bless us with her soft hues of russet, deep red, orange, brown and her own softer shade of gold. We see apple trees heavy with their fruitful bounty and porches decked out in their harvest attire of pumpkins, gourds and mums.
The days will become clear and crisp and the nights will be fresh with a hint of smokiness in the chill of the air. Each step Sweet October takes closer to our hearth makes us dream of cozy sweaters, thick socks and friends and family gathered with us around steaming mugs of cocoa, cider, coffee or tea.
For me it's always lovely hot tea along with my knitting projects to be worn for the cooler days ahead. This always includes a variety of fingerless mitts to suit different peoples fashion styles and this Fall it includes a few custom orders for some beautiful Shawls that I am so excited to make.
The one shown in the picture at the top is my own personal wrap. I have a customer who wants me to crochet one identical to it for her elderly mother who lives in Texas and gets very cold in air conditioning. Hers will be worked in grey and I am anxious to see this favorite accessory of mine made in a new color. As for the other two shawls I have been commissioned to make, I will show them to you when the journey begins ...
It really does thrill me when someone discovers I make shawls and orders them from me. These lovely articles have a language all their own and not everyone speaks it anymore. It seems to be too antiquated for some. Those of you who continue to share my love and passion for them know exactly what I mean.
Fingerless mitts and mittens are another one of my great knitting loves. There's just something about warm hands that make us warmer all over. I love fingerless mitts especially this time of year because they enable us to still hold onto those delicious hot drinks of choice, not to mention leave our fingers free for the many tasks of our day. Another bonus for me is knitting in the round on double point needles. It is my absolute favorite way to knit. There's just something about it that I find extra soothing. Maybe because it forces me to work just a touch more slowly and therefore is even more relaxing to me.
These are my newest mitts on my shop
They are just like Jane Austen might have worn... very feminine and lacy with a touch of old fashioned romance to them. This pair is a gorgeous shade of Cranberry Red, which is my all time favorite color. I am currently working on another pair in Charcoal Grey; my other favorite color. I also love all shades of pink and most purples. There is a beautiful ball of the loveliest shade of Dusty Lavender patiently waiting its turn in my knitting bag to be the next in line to grow into a pair of lacy mitts right after the grey ones jump off the needles.
I love keeping a pair of mitts in my work basket because they can be done in between other projects so quickly and easily. Plus they are very transportable.
I am busy stocking my shop with a few different options.
These are the heavier, warmer cabled version that I love so much with their wonderful flecks of tweed.

 There are also some with a more intricate cable and a bit more length up the arm.
I absolutely never ever get tired of cable work.
It's classic, elegant and totally timeless.

Although I am a Summertime lover through and through, I must admit that when this time rolls around every year feelings of peace and soft serenity begin to settle in on me. Oh how I love going to the drawers where I store the items I have handmade for myself over the years and pulling them out. Old friends we are at this point. They lay waiting to once again wrap themselves around me so together we can be set free to discover all the hidden secrets this new Autumn holds for us.
It's as if they too know there will be mornings in the park picking up colorful leaves, acorns and pinecones, afternoons spent on the porch swing with my tea and knitting, and moments of awe when the most glorious sunsets suddenly fill the sky and I will need their warmth wrapped around me to step out into it all and soak in every drop of the beauty my heart and soul can hold of this magnificent season.

"Autumn, the years last loveliest smile."
William Cullen Bryant


  1. Your work is absolutely stunning, Danette! I love everything you make and I wish I could knit alongside YOU!
    Your shawl is SO pretty!

    1. OH Miss Pom Pom ... I picture you with a set of Pom Pom's ... jumping up and down and cheering me on :-)))
      How I would LOVE to have you sitting here with me knitting away.
      I would keep the kettle on and pour you endless cups of tea my sweet, sweet friend.
      How's that beautiful new grandbaby of yours? I am so far behind on everyone else's blog because once the Pumpkin Festival rolls around my busy season is in FULL SWING.
      I am up to my eyeballs in custom orders and trying to stock my shop, plus prepare for my annual Christmas Tea and Sale.... I knit and crochet NONSTOP......................
      So much LOVE to you,

  2. Such beautiful handwork Danette! :0) thank you for sharing... mari

    1. It is YOU who I THANK....
      Your kindness means more than you know....
      I am so out of touch with everyone's blog because I am buried alive in bits and specks of fiber....
      This is my busy season.
      Custom orders.... a shop to restock ... and a Christmas Sale to prepare for...
      I ask forgiveness from all....
      Blessings to you,

  3. BOY! Am I glad I visited you today Danette. It's been a while.
    Your words have painted such beautiful scenes of approaching Autumn that I feel like I can almost see the leaves turn and the acorns fall.
    October is the harbinger of gardening season where I live. So I look forward to it with baited breath.
    Love your knits. All the colours, the cables and the flecks of tweed have made me very happy.
    THANK you:)

    1. Me too! You have been on my mind and heart of late Dear One!
      I bet October is lovely for you... all of your beautiful gardening just waiting for you...
      Thank you for loving my knitting :-)
      The cables are always my favorite... I just can't stop loving them...
      and the tweed makes me happy too!
      Be Very Blessed Friend and Happy Gardening to You,

  4. The shawl is lovely and you captured the transition between September and October beautifully in your post! Oh and your nails look good too :)
    Happy making!

    1. Thanks so much Lynne.
      And thanks for liking my nails :-)))
      Something I inherited from my Dad's side of the family...
      I am so far behind on what all of you are doing in your blogs because I have entered my busy season of custom orders, restocking my shop and preparing for my Christmas Sale.... I work nonstop... but I DO LOVE IT...
      I AM Happy Making....
      Blessings to you,

  5. Your writing and knitting are beautiful once again my friend. I am still experiencing a great deal of heat here, but it just might stay under 90 degrees today, hip hip hooray!

    1. Thanks so much My Good Friend Meredith.
      I need to catch up with you in a BIG WAY!
      I am practically buried alive here in yarn...
      Wow! Still in the 90's there! That doesn't really surprise me though.
      I figured it stays pretty hot for you for quite awhile.
      Kiss our Sweet Little Buddy for me....
      Love You,

  6. Love the little one running with abandon! What a great photo. :)

  7. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring! I'm so glad I found it. I am a long-time knitter and crocheter and am in love with your lavender shawl. Is there ANYWAY you would sell or share the pattern, pretty please?


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